Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Rodeo Time!

Well, folks, it's rodeo time here in Houston, Texas and that is something I look forward to each year. For as much as I enjoy the rodeo, I don't spend that much time out there -- to be quite honest we really only go out about twice every year. That could be why I like it so much.

Caroline and I were invited to see the Jonas Brothers this last Sunday. I am not sure who was more excited:

I heart the Jonas Brothers. Have you seen their show on Disney Channel? We record it on the DVR and I think it is hysterical.

But it wasn't all about the Jonas Brothers on Sunday. We also did a little bit of the carnival. Since it was a church day and the show started early, we only got to ride a couple of rides but we hit the highlights (for us -- we are not all that much of risk takers): the ski lift ride that takes you from one side of the carnival to the other, and the giant Ferris wheel.

I am not a fan of heights, and I don't mind admitting to the occasional sweaty palm on the Ferris wheel. We usually ride the small one, the one where you dangle up at the top in the wind for what seems like eternity waiting for riders to get on and off. There are signs on the ride that tell you not to move around too much, and if you are sitting with our 5-year-old I'm just going to say good luck with that. I won't sit with him.

But this year for the first time we rode the GIANT Ferris wheel. And it was a piece of cake -- what with the little carts you get to sit in it wasn't anything like the smaller one. Even our friend who was with us who feels the same way about these sorts of things rode it.

The Ferris wheel was a lot higher than the lift ride, but when you're in the cart you can't see things like this:

Or this:

It's a rough job, but someone has to guard all the stuffed animals.

But in the end, maybe it was all about the Jonas Brothers.

And it looks like they may have enjoyed the rodeo, too.

Coming Friday: Order Up! Or, What Not To Eat at the Rodeo

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