Monday, May 10, 2010

I Love Pre-K!

Time seems to be speeding up around here and I'm not sure I like it. I'm way behind on writing about all the funny things that have been happening lately, but it is May and this month is nearly as busy as December.

I love May. It's so close to summer! And sleeping in. And swimming, and ... relaxing. I don't know if this summer will be as relaxing as I had originally thought but more on that later.

I am a little sad about this particular May, because it marks our fourth and final year in Pre-K as a family. That is really saying something, considering I have only three children. That's what happens when you have a boy with a summer birthday. I like to refer to it as a "victory lap."

All of my children did a year of Pre-K with the same fabulous teacher at the church where I grew up. The creativity and growth they experienced there is unparalleled in my mind. This last year we did an all day Pre-K at our elementary school. William has had a wonderful year with a wonderful teacher, and was more "ready" to learn this year than he was last time around.

This year the children get home readers sent home with them so they can practice their reading. It's an important skill, you know, and home readers are pretty big doin's for Pre-K. As if that was not fun enough, William's teacher sends home this pointer:

Because if you are going to read you may as well do it in style:

I'll be sad when we don't have the pointer finger to help us read anymore.

But I have a feeling we have plenty of adventures waiting for us!

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